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International Geek-Together – Ride the Danube special edition

Budapest, Helia pier
31st July 2013


Join the international geek community of Budapest for a kick-@ss boat ride on river Danube - no keynotes, no roll-ups, only inspiring people, cold beer and new friends, just as usual :)

This time we’ll change location: from the downtown we are moving to Primus Boat to enjoy hot summer night and the breathtaking view of lightened Budapest. In addition we’ve picked one of the hottest topics for geeks: gaming. We’ll have a special guest right from Rovio, Kalle Kaivola, SVP Product and Publishing (former Director of Development) talking about his experience of the role that passion plays in game development.

We will ask for a 1.000 HUF (+ transition fee) entrance fee, just to make sure that you will show up once you registered. This is a boat, you know... in return you will get 3 colorful handmade dice worth 1.500 HUF for drinks and snacks.

18.30: boarding
19.00: start
20.00-22.00: riding the Danube
00.00: end (with an optional extension)

Special hashtag for the event: #Budapest

However Budapest already has quite a few hashtags: #nightlife, #hot girls, #ruin pubs, #excellent dishes, #good wine, #cold beer etc. We want to mix them into #capital of geeks.

Most of the travelers love discovering the unknown, facing whole new experience in each single corner. We would like to extend this experience by providing something familiar to a growing community of open-minded travelers, for whom sharing thoughts on their favorite geekish topics with locals or other travelers is something they love to do during their holidays. We would like to make them easier to get to know the city and the local culture by making new friends in Budapest from all over the world.

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