“a night-long meeting point created for non-local geek-hearted people from all over the world

International Geek-Together goes to Prague

360 bar & lounge, Pansk 9, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic
28th October 2013


The bus from Budapest to Prague departures on Monday (28th October) from Ifjúság útja (http://goo.gl/maps/c1S6a) at 08.00am. Please make sure to be on time and don't forget that we switch to winter time this weekend, you can sleep an extra hour :)

The coordinator for the bus is Csongor Bias, feel free to ping him in case you have any issues: +36 70 774 9989

If you still do not have a place to sleep, we can offer you 2 options (on your own costs, free rooms are all taken):

http://www.fusionhotels.com - this hotel will provide the venue of the event, too. If you refer to the event, you get get a discount.

DBL/TWIN rooms for a price of 70 EUR per room and night, including breakfast, taxes and internet access.
TRPL rooms for a price of 90 EUR per room and night, including breakfast, taxes and internet access.
QUADR. rooms for a price of 110 EUR per room and night, including breakfast, taxes and internet access.

http://www.hostelmarabou.com/en - this is a cheaper place, and not far from the venue of the event. We made sure that they have enough free rooms. A single room without a private bathroom is around 20 euros for a night.

Hey International Geeks!

Finally it’s time to watch the falling leaves with a pint of world famous Czech beer in our hands, together with the international startup community of Prague represented my Startupcamp and the travelling startuppers of StartupBus, in a joint event on 28th October 2013.

Why to join?

• Startupcamp (www.startupcamppraha.cz) is a monthly meeting, one-stop place for the startup community of the Czech republic, where founders, coders, designers and investors can meet, usually with 100+ participants.
• StartupBus (europe.startupbus.com) will bring around 25-30 enthusiastic startuppers from 5-10 countries.
• International Geek-Together with the help of it’s organizers and their friends will reach out to their communities in Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Bulgaria and Lithuania to invite as many interesting geeks as possible.
• Thanks to the sponsors, we will have over 300 free beers to drink.
• We will provide free accommodation for 25 participants of the International Geek-Together community*
• We will provide a free funky bus drive to the spot from Budapest on 28th morning and back on 29th morning for a certain amount of people**
• If you are participating Pioneers Festival in Vienna on 30-31st October, this event could be a great warm up for that as many of the participants (including the entire StartupBus community) are heading there.

And now, time and space for the practical details.

• This time we will leave our dice behind, to make the merged event smoother to be organized
• 28th October is Monday, but a bank holiday in Prague, so you may organize a long weekend for yourself
• We’ll set off from Budapest 28th October
• We’ll spend a whole night in Prague and come back the next day
• Location: 360º bar & lounge, Panská 9, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

More details coming soon, till then, save the date into your calendar and RSVP!

* We are still in negotiation with some hostels, the results may have an affection on the final number.
** The number of places are dependent on the number of applicants. A booking fee may be required from the participants of the bus ride which will be refunded on the spot, to make sure that applicants will actually show up ☺

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