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International Geek-Together™ Special Edition | CESAwards networking party

Google Ground, Budapest (1082 Budapest, Nagytemplom utca 30.)
30th May 2014

Central European Startup Awards (www.cesawards.com) is a series of events to recognise and celebrate the startup ecosystems of Central and Eastern Europe, that has never been done before at such scale.

Nominations have been open from March through April and over a 1000 applications in 6 categories, the bests of the nationals have been selected and announced at the Award Ceremonies in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia.

The campaign will lead to a Grand Finale held in Budapest on 30 May (Friday), where the whole regional ecosystem and the nominees will gather for the awards ceremony, to hear the announcements for the regional winners of the following categories:

- Startup of the year
- Best service provider
- Founder of the year
- Best investor
- Best designer startup
- Developer heroes

The event ceremony will take place in the evening, being a very special one with a lot of amazing show elements and artist, organized jointly with the Hungarian Innovation TechShow (http://techshow.mmklaszter.com) where pitch competitions and panel discussion will be provided, also with Google and Facebook on stage.

You as a guest will have a unique chance to meet the region’s most promising startups and other players of our startup ecosystems.

After the award show, International Geek-Together will provide an open networking event with drinks and live music.

Tickets are already for sale for EUR 99.00, but you can get them for EUR 29.00 by using the promo-code: "InternationalGeekTogether'

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