“a night-long meeting point created for non-local geek-hearted people from all over the world

What is International Geek-Together all about?

#new technology

We do like well organized conferences, listening to good talks by tech leads, but our ultimate experience in gathering new information on „all that geek” is sharing a beer and listening to people who actually work with new technologies. In an advertisement-free environment we provide a perfect platform to make new friends, keep up with trends and all the ongoing projects in town. International Geek-Together serves as a meeting point for geek hearted people since October 2012.

International Geek-Together is considered being the best spot for getting to know young, ambitious developers, designers and business guys who think outside of the box. Permanent and temporary Budapest residents show up and change information and stories on their work, latest achievements and challenges.

#startup ecosystem

It has grown rapidly over the past years in Europe, many fresh graduates and even experienced professionals decide these days to follow their intuitions and start building the next big thing.

Knowing that awesome things can be achieved with great teams, professional events where open-minded, passionate and ambitious talents can be found starts playing a key role in the startup ecosystem. International Geek-Together aims to bring together people with good ideas, people with similar mindsets and remarkable skill-sets. As „geek” for us does not only mean developers, but all the people who are building their companies involving new technologies, International Geek-Together empowers the birth of co-operation between entrepreneurs from all across Europe.

Prezi, Ustream and LogMeIn proved that Budapest has a lot to do on the European startup map, with International Geek-Together we want to create a platform that does not only help the local community, but plays an important role in the integration of the whole European startup ecosystem.

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